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MSDS Cryotech NAAC Specification

MSDS Provifrost KA ECO Specification

MSDS Provifrost KF ECO Specification

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Cryotech NAAC® Solid Runway Deicer (AMS 1431 Certified)

Cryotech NAAC® is a high performance solid de-icer for airport runways, taxiways and aprons. It is a 97% anhydrous sodium acetate with less than 1% inhibitors by weight.

Cryotech NAAC® contains no chlorides, has excellent melting properties, works faster than urea and sodium chloride, is active at low temperatures (-18C°) and requires less material to achieve similar effectiveness.


  • Works longer, requiring fewer applications
  • Applies easily with the same equipment as other solid de-icers
  • Tracks less due to pure materials in manufacturing
  • Contains 97% active ingredients for high performance
  • Manufactured as a spherical pellet to be less dusty than granular de-icers


  • Excellent melting properties
  • Exothermic, giving off heat as it dissolves
  • Works faster than urea, sodium chloride, and trihydrate sodium acetate
  • Requires less material than common de-icers to acheive similar effectiveness
  • Active to low temperatures: -18°C


  • Lower BOD than urea
  • Biodegrades quickly at low temperatures
  • Low toxicity to fish and mammals
  • Less persistent in the environment than sodium formate and urea


  • De-icing - apply in uniform patterns:
  • Near 0°C on thin ice apply 25-35 g/m²
  • Less than -12°C on 2.5cm ice apply 50-75 g/m²
  • Re-apply when new accumulation shows first tendency to bond
  • Plow once bond is broken
  • Prewetting - airports may apply Provifrost KA ECO or Provifrost KF ECO to NAAC at spreader outlet at a rate of 10% by weight


  • Store in original container
  • Avoid excess moisture which may cause caking
  • Excessive handling may cause dustiness


Cryotech NAAC® is available in 25 kilo, 500 kilo and 1,000 kilo bags.