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Premier De-Icers Limited is proud to represent Proviron Industries NV in the UK and Northern Ireland and their liquid de-icing product Provifrost KA ECO, Provifrost KF ECO and their solid de-icing product Cryotech® NAAC®.

Too often the large producers of these products look after their biggest customers to the detriment of the smaller volume takers, and in times of hard winters and shortages of products, these important customers are let down.

Paul Smith began his de-icing career with BP Chemicals in the 1980's and is responsible for the formulation of the first ever potassium acetate runway de-icing fluid. He subsequently went on to create his own company supplying another potassium acetate based product across Western Europe. This company was bought out, and Paul left the industry. However in recent years, many of his contacts have requested that he revisits this market. The current suppliers being unable to offer the level of service that his company had provided, particularly when product is short.

Proviron produces the Cryotech Airport and Road de-icers under licence agreement for Cryotech USA. Proviron is a well established toll manufacturing company for speciality chemicals, situated in Belgium in the Antwerp area (Hemiksem). A high level 40 people team is dedicated to customer's satisfaction, safety and environmental respect. Proviron's strengths are:

  • Flexibility in production and delivery
  • High quality performance in all activities
  • Research and development support
  • Ideally situated in the centre of Europe
  • ISO certified
  • Responsible Care certified